Chinese Princess – Mulan Cartoonmulan cartoon

Fa Mulan, or Disney’s Mulan cartoon, is one of the princesses in the Disney catalog. She is relatively popular, but not as popular as her main rivals listed above. There are many reasons for this, primarily that she came later than the other princesses, so not as many people noticed her, and she also has only been in one movie or TV show of note. A third reason is that she doesn’t dress or act as “girly” as many of the other princesses, so marketers and Disney promoters have a tougher time selling her to parents and little girls who have been trained by society to only want pink fluffy princesses to play with.

Dynasty in Film

The Mulan cartoon is said to have lived in China’s Han Dynasty. This was one of the many great Chinese dynasties, the last of which ended in 1911 with the communist revolution in China. We wonder if the Mulan cartoon ever went to the Forbidden City, the large palace in central Beijing where the emperor lived. It is a pretty cool place. She probably didn’t go there, because she may not have ever come out alive. Many of the emperors were known for their erratic behavior. Also, it is possible she could have been forced to become a bureaucrat, staring at parchments all day adding sum relating to wheat production in villages thousands of miles away.

The Mulan cartoon was released in the mid 1990s, and was one of the several movies that Disney’s animation team released while trying to capitalize on the success of The Lion King and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Epic Scope

The Mulan cartoon also appeared in several other productions, such as ABC’s Once Upon A Time, which is a pretty cool show. Since Disney owns ABC, the show features a lot of Disney characters in an effort to push their own products onto unsuspecting customers. And it works.


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