Meg Griffin

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Megan “Meg” Griffin is a character on the hit Fox TV show Family Guy. Her character on the show is a big loser and no one likes her, including her parents Peter and Lois and the rest of her family, including Brian, Stewie, and the brother no one can ever remember. The Meg Griffin cartoon is voiced by Mila Kunis, who is engaged to Ashton Kutcher. Several experts have predicted that Mila will stop providing the voice of Meg after getting married and having children. This is because people believe that Mila will realize the show actually isn’t that funny and will decide she has better things to do.

Developing Meg

The Meg Griffin cartoon was invented by the famous cartoonist and comedian Seth MacFarlane. Seth invented Meg and the rest of the Griffin family as part of a college class in Rhode Island. It took a little while to catch on, but after the popularity of The Simpsons, America was ready for another animated comedy series, along with South Park. The Meg Griffin cartoon was created to look like a nerd or dork, with baggy jeans, a beanie, and an ugly hairdo.

Everyone Hates Her

The Meg Griffin cartoon is the target of scorn and ridicule, even from her own family. In one episode, the Meg Griffin cartoon gets asked to the prom by her high school crush Bart Simpson. Stewie, the angry baby of the family, tells her that she is going to get stood up and made a fool. The Meg Griffin cartoon doesn’t believe Stewie. Bart Simpson then shows up with Kyle and Stan from South Park, and the gang proceeds to make the Meg Griffin cartoon look like a dummie. Meg then starts to cry, as usual.


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