• Year created: 1964
  • From: Argentina
  • Hates: Soup
  • Similar to: Charlie Brown

Mafalda Cartoon Basicsmafalda cartoon

Mafalda was invented by Joaquín Salvador Lavado, aka Quino. Quino designed the Mafalda cartoon to appeal to girls and other children of all ages. He accomplished this by making the Mafalda cartoon look pretty generic looking in terms of kids from Latin America, and make her mischievous, something that all kids of a certain age are attracted to. The Mafalda cartoon gets into all kids of zany and wacky trouble, but always manages to find her way out of the problem and back to the good side of the adults around her. She was invented in the 1960s, and has been pretty popular ever since. The Mafalda cartoon is a mainstay in her native Argentina, but is also popular in other countries such as Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela, and other Spanish-speaking Latin American places. She is not as popular in Brazil, because Brazilians speak Portuguese. The Mafalda cartoon, however, has been translated into many languages such as English, French, and Italian.

Deep Thinker

The Mafalda cartoon likes to think of herself as having a big brain. In reality, her brain does not even exist because she is a cartoon character. Also, any brain that does exist is obscured by the huge mop of hair the Mafalda cartoon has. See the picture on the right of Mafalda. Doesn’t it look like her hair is actually two big shaggy dog ears attached to her head, held in place with the white bow? That’s what it looks like to us.

Developing the Mafalda Cartoon

The Mafalda cartoon was based on the comic strip Peanuts, by Charles Schultz. Quino wanted the Mafalda cartoon to be a girl in order to empower young women and in order to increase readership by appealing to a larger portion of kids, thus increasing his fame and earnings. We think the Mafalda cartoon would be great pals with Charlie Brown, but that Lucy would soon cut her down to size.


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