Lucy (Peanuts)

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The Lucy cartoon. The name alone is enough to strike fear into any young child or adult, particularly in the hearts of Linus and Charlie Brown. Linus is her brother, and Charlie Brown is her nemesis (probably secret crush). She smiles on the outside, but inside she is scheming ways to play pranks on or humiliate her peers. Why is she like this? We will never know. Some people are just born bad and cruel. However, even though the Lucy cartoon is a jerk, she is still somehow lovable and the audience feels for her. Sometimes they even feel sorry for her.

Developing Lucy

The Lucy cartoon was invented by the creator of the Peanuts comic strip, Charles Schultz. The strip is also known sometimes as Snoopy, which is the name of the main character’s dog. The dog is a beagle. Charles Schultz is rumored to have based the Lucy cartoon on his own older sister, who would make fun of little old Charles when the pair were growing up in rural America. However, it is also rumored that everything on this website is completely made up and inaccurate, so we will leave it you you, reader, to choose what to believe.

Older Sister

The Lucy cartoon, as mentioned above, is the older sister of Linus. For more on Linus, head on over to his page here at Cartoon Galaxy and explore his history and back story. One of the Lucy cartoon’s favorite practical jokes is to line up a football for Charlie Brown to kick, then pull away the football right when Charlie is about to kick it. This somehow causes him to flip in the air and fall down. We still don’t understand how the physics of this trick work. If Charlie can really kick hard enough to make himself flip over, he should be the next Bruce Lee.

Self Help?

The Lucy cartoon likes to think she is a child psychologist. We mean this in two ways. She helps children, but she is also a child herself. Aren’t we clever? She also looks like the evil queen in Once Upon a Time on ABC.


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