Lois Griffin

  • Year created: 1995
  • Family Guy premier: 1998
  • Job: Piano teacher
  • Archrival: Marge Simpson

Lois Griffin Cartoon Basicslois griffin cartoon family guy

The Lois Griffin cartoon is the matriarch of the Griffin family, stars of the perennial hit show Family Guy on the FOX channel in the United States, a large country in North America on the planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy of the universe as we know it. We are making this gag because the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, is the acting producer of the show Cosmos, also on Fox, starring Neil Degrasse Tyson. Cosmos is a remake of the original series of the same name starring Carl Sagan. Much like Seth MacFarlane created Family Guy, the Lois Griffin cartoon created the children of her family in her womb, Meg, Chris, and Stewie.

The Lois Griffin cartoon is married to her husband Peter. It is unclear whether they are still in love.

Developing Lois

Seth MacFarlane invented the Lois Griffin cartoon character while he was studying in Rhode Island. She was originally invented for a school project. Little did Seth know that Family Guy was going to make his career, eventually allowing him to host the Oscars and become world famous. Pretty good for a guy who actually isn’t even that funny. The Lois Griffin cartoon has been a part of the Family Guy show since the beginning, and likes to think she is a voice of reason in the family. In reality, she is pretty dumb.


The Lois Griffin cartoon is a standard WASP in many ways. Just look at the picture of her on the right side of this page. She is wearing standard suburban mom clothes, and this is how she behaves. Her accent even comports with this image. The Lois Griffin cartoon had many lovers before Peter, and it has been rumored that she has an emotional crush on the humanistic personality of the family’s dog Brian. Brian is a big enemy of Stewie.


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