Linus (Peanuts)

Year created: 1952
Secret crush: Sally
Defining trait: Wimpy

Linus Cartoon Basicslinus cartoon peanuts

The Linus cartoon is one of the main characters of the comic strip and related TV shows and movies called Peanuts. Peanuts was created in the 1950s by the famous cartoonist Charles Schultz, not to be confused with the eccentric billionaire Howard Schultz. The Linus cartoon is the brother of Lucy, who is Charlie Brown’s main nemesis and, in her dreams, love interest. The Linus cartoon and his sister Lucy have an interesting dynamic because while Lucy is strong willed and outspoken, Linus is shy, quiet, and portrays very low self confidence. Many expert psychologists believe that Lucy’s overbearing nature cause Linus to become so mentally challenged.

The Great Pumpkin

The Linus cartoon is a big believer in The Great Pumpkin, a being who rises from the earth at Halloween to judge the good and bad deeds of humankind, and dispenses out judgment like the terrible gods of yore. The other Peanuts cartoons refuse to believe in the great pumpkin, assuming the Linus cartoon is a complete wacko in this regard. This is an interesting response considering Linus is the smartest kid in the town and so maybe the other kids should listen to him. Only that kid who plays the piano may rival the Linus cartoon’s huge brain.

Security Blanket

The Linus cartoon carries a security blanket everywhere. As you can see, he also sucks his thumb habitually. This goes back to his insecurity and lack of self confidence. Because he is borderline abused by his older sister Lucy, he seeks refuge in his blanket and thumb. They remind the Linus cartoon of his younger days, when his mother served as a barrier between him and the outside world.


The Linus cartoon is Charlie Brown‘s best friend. The pair have similar personalities and self esteem issues, so they get along well. They are the town nerds, ridiculed by their peers and privately scorned by their pets like Snoopy. The reader and viewer is meant to feel sorry for the pair, but most people find the lowliness of these characters off-putting and somewhat pathetic.


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