Lilo and Stitch

The Lilo and Stitch Characterslilo and stitch characters

The Lilo and Stitch characters are the main character’s in Disney’s 2002 movie of the same name. The Lilo and Stitch characters are best friends who live in the State of Hawaii, which was made a state of the United States in the 20th century. Many people, especially ethic Hawaiians, feel that Hawaii was stolen from their ancestors by the United States, who only wanted the islands for business and financial reasons. This imperialism/colonialism argument is similar to the arguments made regarding other regions and islands throughout the world, such as Puerto Rico and Guam.


The Lilo and Stitch characters are a small girl and an unusual looking alien. We think the girl’s name is Lilo. She is a young Hawaiian girl from the island of Kauai, which is one of the Hawaiian islands. It is an island that no tourists should ever visit. The waves are huge and not good for swimming. It is advised that tourists stick to Maui or the big island, and leave Kauai to expert travelers such as the staff here at Cartoon Galaxy and the Lilo and Stitch characters.

A Unique Pair

The alien of the pair, Stitch, came to the Earth from outer space. He was born on an alien spaceship near the Andromeda galaxy, orbiting a star called Occulus. He was transported to Earth via a tear in the space time continuum, much like the good old American hero Marty McFly in the Back to the Future series of full length feature films. The Lilo and Stitch characters get in all kinds of zany and wacky adventures together, and usually manage to luck their way out of trouble. The Lilo and Stitch characters are best friends forever, regardless of whether they ever get separated across time and space.


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