• Year created: Middle Ages
  • Disney premier: 1992
  • Is he as funny as he thinks he is? No
  • Similar to: Obelix

The Disney Genie Aladdin Characterdisney genie aladdin character

The Disney Genie is one of the most iconic Disney cartoon characters created in the past two decades. This is because many people believe the Disney Genie is hil-friggin-larious. Why do they think he is so funny? Because many people think Robin Williams has a good sense of humor and tells good jokes. However, this is a very contentious claim, because Robin Williams in reality is not very funny. Also, Williams didn’t actually write the script for the Disney Genie character. This means that most of the jokes that people think are funny weren’t even written by Sir Robin. Although, many of you will quote the age old adage that “it’s all in the delivery.”



One Funny Dude

We first meet the Disney Genie when he unexpectebly pops out of Aladdin’s lamp in the classic Disney movie. At first he just looks like a blue blob, but then he starts hootin and hollerin like there ain’t no tomorrow. He cracks out those famous jokes and is generally over the top. He also sings songs and just generally acts like a riot. In other words, if you want to have a calm and sober dinner party with fancy guests, we advise NOT inviting the Disney Genie. In the end, he grants Aladdin three wishes, most of which we can’t remember right now. We think one of them was to be a prince, so that Aladdin could snag the alluring Princess Jasmine. We can’t blame the guy, but why not wish for invincibility. Or, he could have just wished for Jasmine to love him, then he wouldn’t have had to go through the whole problem of the movie plot. The Disney Genie also likes to hang with Aladdin’s pet monkey Abu.

Prolific Genie

The Disney Genie has also been in tons of other Aladdin spin offs, such as The Return of Jafar, and many video games including the famous Kingdom Hearts. However, in most of these projects the Disney Genie is not voiced by Robin Williams, but cheaper and worse voice actors. Disney does this to save money, because most kids are not smart enough to realize that the Disney Genie’s voice changes subtly from work to work. Another reason is that Robin Williams doesn’t want to spend his whole life doing Disney Genie voices for things like radio commercials. We don’t blame him.

Side Work

The Disney Genie was originally drawn by hand, but is now computer animated most of the time. We can really tell a difference and we think the cartoon character looses a lot of its authenticity and warmth when it is drawn by a computer. Eventually the Disney Genie will be drawn by cyborgs and his scripts will be written by computer artificial intelligence. We shall rue the day.


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