Chhota Bheem

Chhota Bheem Cartoon Character BasicsChhota Bheem cartoon character

The Chhota Bheem cartoon character is from India. He is exceptionally strong given his small size. He knows this too, and it makes him a bit cocky. That’s why he always goes around without a shirt on, flexing his muscles like in the picture to the right. The Chhota Bheem cartoon character is the main character in a kid’s TV show that is very popular in India. In fact, it is the most popular show in the entire country. It is on Pogo TV and was invented by the great Rajiv Chilaka, an animator from a town that is similar to New Delhi and Mumbai.

A Strong Bheem

The Chhota Bheem cartoon character is from a poor town out in the countryside of India. He wears gold bracelets and a gold medallion around his neck. We are not sure how such a poor kid got all this gold. Perhaps he stole it from a street vendor or beat someone up and took it from them. Just kidding, this swell little kid would never do something so devious. The Chhota Bheem cartoon character has brown hair and a bindi between his eyebrows. Coincidentally, Steve Irwin’s daughter is named Bindi, after the Crocodile Hunter’s favorite female croc. The Chhota Bheem cartoon character wears an orange cloth around his waist that flows down to his feet, which are usually clad in brown slipper-shoes. His animation style is a cross between Japanese anime (note his large eyes) and traditional American cartoon characters such as the Disney characters. His best friends are Raja Indravarma and Indumati. His enemies are Kalia, Dholu and Bholu. They all live in Dholakpur.

A Big Hearted Bheem

The Chhota Bheem cartoon character’s collosal strength is only matched by his generous heart. He goes out of his way to help people in every episode. This is a plot by the show’s animators and story writers to trick little kids into becoming good. They believe that if a kid’s hero is a nice guy like the Chhota Bheem cartoon character, the kid will want to emulate that character as the kid grows up. This is partly true. However, lots of kids have good heroes and still turn out to be scumbags. Why is this? Maybe it is because humans are inherently bad and evil creatures, and no amount of good influence can save us from our sinful and bad thoughts. Then again, maybe not. We’ll leave it to the experts to decide!

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