• Year created: 1997
  • Favorite food: Salisbury Steak
  • Acted by: Isaac Hayes
  • Similar to: Butters

The Chef South Park Characterchef south park

The Chef South Park character is a friendly, rotund and all around great guy who is the main chef of the South Park elementary school. Chef has a belly you could rest a glass of water on, and has eyebrows that magically float on his white chef’s hat. He also doesn’t have any fingers. This leads us to believe that the Chef South Park character is one creepy duderino. To make matters worse, his pupils only take up about 1% of his eyeballs. No normal human being looks like this guy. Strangely, all residents of South Park and the main characters of the show – Stan MarshKyle BroflovskiEric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick – also share some of these scary traits. One theory is that the characters of the show were replaced with aliens early in the first season, when the aliens give Cartman a body cavity inspection starting with his bum.

Chef South Park Development

The Chef South Park character is played by Isaac Hayes, the famous musician. Who knows how the creators of the show or Comedy Central were able to convince such a great and revered Jazz artist to associate himself with such an annoying show. In any case, he did, and it didn’t turn out well. While Chef’s character was great and popular, Hayes ultimately left the show surrounded by a hailstorm of controversy. While the details are unknown, who could side against the illustrious and prolific Isaac Hayes?

A Nice Guy

The Chef South Park character is a great dude. He always dispenses loving and tender advice to the bratty main characters of the show. He always has funny and insightful comments, and gets along particularly well with Cartman, who regularly seeks Chef’s advice. The Chef South Park cartoon character wears blue jeans and a red shirt. Often he also wears an apron. His shoes are black. He loves salisbury steak at school lunch and other delicious treats. Sometimes he sings songs with his soothing deep voice. He waddles like a penguin when he walks.


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