Bob the Builder

  • Year created: 1998
  • Nationality: English
  • Favorite activity: Building
  • Similar to: Postman Pat

Bob the Builder Cartoon Basicsbob the builder cartoon

The Bob the Builder cartoon has become one of the most popular children’s chartoon characters over the past several years. Developed in England, the Bob the Builder cartoon has been praised for teaching children about building things and about developing good work habits and ethics. Bob is a funny nice guy who meets lots of friends along his journeys. Bob is similar to Thomas the Tank Engine and Mr. Blobby, who are both also from England. The Bob the Builder cartoon was invented by Keith Chapman and is played by Neil Morrissey.

Bob the Builder Cartoon Background

The Bob the Builder cartoon’s catchphrase is “Can we fix it?” “Yes we can!” This phrase underscores Bob’s unfailing enthusiasm and positive attitude. While these can be good qualities, several pundits believe that Bob instills a false sense of optimism in British youth. With an economy that has been going down the drain since World War II, and poor prospects for all adolescents, perhaps instilling a sense of realism would be a better approach. Many critics believe that the Bob the Builder cartoon would be better off portraying a builder who routinely fails at his tasks, spends most nights in a stupor in a local pub, and who will fail to save for retirement and be forced to live in poverty when his once-promised government pension fails to materialize.

Making fun of the Bob the Builder Cartoon

Lots of people make fun of the Bob the Builder cartoon for its youthful innocent tone. Bob the Builder makes Mickey Mouse look like a sinister grizzly veteran. This is surprising, because most builders are scoundrels who enjoy cheating their clients and grabbing any money they can while cutting corners and providing shoddy workmanship. Most builders, probably Bob included, have strong ties to the mafia.


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