Black Panther

  • Year created: 1966
  • From: Africa
  • Created by: Stan Lee
  • Similar to: Spiderman

Black Panther Cartoon Basicsblack panther cartoon marvel

The Black Panther cartoon represented a milestone for comic books. The Black Panther cartoon character was the first black cartoon character in American popular comics. He was created by the illustrious Stan Lee and Marvel Comics, who created such other favorites as Iron Man and Spiderman. The Black Panther isn’t as popular as these other heroes, however, even though he is a household name. No one is really sure why he isn’t more popular. Probably it is because he doesn’t stand out quite as much as the other superheroes. The Black Panther cartoon character evolved from an Army soldier who got really pissed about some messed up crapola that was going down.

Holy Man

The Black Panther cartoon is extremely ripped. Just look at the above picture. Who has muscles that big? Only people who take roids, aka steroids. It is for this reason that we suspect the Black Panther cartoon to be a long time doper, intaking countless substances that would be banned from international athletic competitions. He also wears a cumbersome cape, similar to the ridiculous one worn by Beast from Beauty and the Beast. At least the Black Panther cartoon’s cape is black and blends into his surroundings, unlike the Beast’s stupid purple cape. Still, fighting while wearing a cape must be almost impossible. Every time you wind up for a punch, your fist gets stuck in the cape. Then your opponent lays a fat knuckle sandwich right in your teeth. The Black Panther cartoon is from the African tribe called the Wakanda.


The Black Panther cartoon is technically the chief of his tribe. He must be a crappy chief, since chiefs are supposed to sit around and listen to the problems of their people. Instead, this guy travels the world kicking butt, all the while ignoring the needs of his people back in Africa. South Africa to be exact. I am surprised his tribe doesn’t capture him and strip him of his chief title, then throw him in the slammer for violating his chieftain duties.


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