• Year created: 1999
  • Born: 2997
  • Worst quality: Sociopath
  • Archrival: Philip Fry

Bender Cartoon Basicsbender cartoon futurama

The Bender cartoon is one of the main characters from Futurama, a comedy show on Fox. Futurama was invented by Matt Groening and David Cohen. No, not the David Cohen who is an amazing singer and songwriter. Matt also created the Simpsons, and is a huge reason why Futurama got off the ground. It is highly unlikely that anyone could have gotten the concept for the show past the network’s executives unless they had a track record like Groening’s. This is because Futurama is a ridiculous concept for a show. A futuristic pizza delivery man saves the galaxy. Come on!

Developing Bender

The Bender cartoon is a touchy dude. He loves robots and only robots, and holds disdain for humans, often expressing a desire to wipe them off the face of the galaxy. His brainpower is extraordinary, and he can calculate large sums in his internal computer. His name is based of the character of the same name from the poplar 1980s Molly Ringwold movie, The Breakfast Club. One thing we don’t understand is why, in the future, do robots like the Bender cartoon look so unadvanced? Sure, he has a big brain, but he looks like he was built in a garage by some nerd in the 1950s.



The Bender cartoon is certifiable. He constantly tells huge whoppers, and is even diabolical towards his friends. The only common ground he shares with them is his hatred of Dr. Zoidberg, the arch enemy of all the heroes of the Futurama story. The Bender cartoon never feels sorry for anyone. He also loves to sing, and would love to have a number one country hit. Basically, the Bender cartoon is a huge weirdo.

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