Abu (Aladdin)

  • Disney premier: 1992
  • Species: Monkey
  • Longest body part: Tail
  • Similar to: Genie

Abu Cartoon Basicsabu cartoon

Abu is a monkey from the Disney movie Aladdin. Abu is Aladdin’s sidekick. He has a squeaky voice and likes to steal things. He provides comic relief in the movie. The voice actor who plays the Abu cartoon is Frank Welker. In order to make Abu realistic, Disney animators watched real monkeys behaving in the wild. The original Abu was from a movie from the 1940s. The Abu cartoon wears a purple hat.

The Abu cartoon is in all of the Aladdin movies. He follows Aladdin around and gets into mischief. He takes food from vendors and shops, and things always seem to almost go wrong, but it always works our for him in the end. Abu hates to share his food, although Aladdin is generous and makes Abu share as well. Aladdin especially likes to share food with small children. In the first Aladdin movie, the Abu cartoon tries to save Aladdin from prison after Aladdin is arrested. Living up to his habits, in the course of trying to help Aladdin, Abu tries to steal a shiny ruby. Doing so causes the building to collapse, which nearly kills Aladdin and Abu. In the mayhem, Abu is able to steal the Genie’s lamp from Jafar. The rest is history – Aladdin asks the Genie to become a prince and eventually scores the babe Jasmine. The genie turns the Abu cartoon into an elephant, and Abu has al ot of crazy adventures before turning back into a monkey after Jafar gets schooled.


A Famous Monkey

As mentioned above, the Abu cartoon is in tons of Aladdin movies and cartoons. He is brown colored and likes to scratch himself in strange places like his head and his crotch. He has a high pitched voice and runs using his hands. Disney fans like Abu because he is funny. Some people have wondered why a monkey lives in the desert. Most likely Abu was kidnapped from his paradise homeland in the jungle. He was then shoved into a tiny cage and forced to make the thousands mile long journey across the hottest dessert on earth, the Sahara. During this time he probably almost died of starvation and was tortured. Once he arrived in the middle east, he was sold to the highest bidder and turned into a performing monkey, all the while missing his family, who had all been slaughtered. The Abu cartoon probably took on humor as a way to forget the horrible atrocities he had witnessed. When he befriended Aladdin, Abu found a similarly down and out, miserable character to pal around with. Misery loves company.

The Abu cartoon has also been in other disney productions, such as Kingdom Hearts the video game and the House of Mouse.


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